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What Situations Require Hiring a Biohazard Cleaning Service?

5/9/2022 (Permalink)

A SERVPRO staff doing Biohazard cleaning Biohazard cleaning

In certain situations, it is critical that Biohazard Cleaning Service professionals take the lead in cleaning up biological contamination in an area - and some of them can be a little surprising.

Biohazard cleanup is more than just picking up a mop and a bucket; It is a carefully planned and regulated set of procedures that require special engineering controls, protecting people from infectious diseases requires the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and rigorous training. Here are some common situations that require the expertise of a biohazard specialist:

  •       Presence of blood or other body fluids: Cutting paper or slicing your fingers’ during cooking is not a biohazard elimination task. A specialist is usually not needed unless the blood count is significant - say, the blood pool is larger than a regular dinner plate.

    •        Animal Waste: When animal carcasses, dung or other biological waste accumulates in a location, it needs to be taken care of. Harmful pathogens and other viral organisms thrive in this environment. The abundance of animal waste is indeed a widespread phenomenon, especially in the case of hoarding.

  •       Hoarding: Hoarding is something that could be someone's habit in terms of a particular thing however such physical stock should be neat & clean. The diversity of people collecting could not be useful later - you never know what's beneath the surface when you enter the treasurer's house. Human faces, carcasses of dead animals, cockroaches, fungi, and others are common and should be treated as a biological hazard.

If you need to eliminate an injury or biohazard, be sure to contact Biohazard Cleaning Service Professionals in North Arlington at SERVPRO immediately. We are ready to assist you and minimize further damage and injury.

Things Storm Restoration Pros Look for During Inspection?

4/12/2022 (Permalink)

Storm Warning Storm Warning

Your home's ability to rebuild after being damaged by bad weather depends on how accurately the danger signs are detected.

Because undetected issues cannot be properly resolved, the structural integrity of your property will not be fully restored if one or two causes for concern are not found.

To find problems, SERVPRO storm damage restoration experts always look for the following:

  1. Broken roof components: During a full external inspection, experts actively check for signs of wear such as loose shingles and damaged sheet metal parts.
  2. Gutter fault: Experienced storm damage specialists after storm damage fear clogged and loosened gutters and downspouts. Since gutter problems sooner or later cause water damage, they have the highest priority for inspection and repair.
  3. Wet spots on the ceiling: If the roof is leaking, the easiest way to find out in fair weather is in the attic. Water intrusion must have left traces of its existence. Dark streaks on ceilings and walls, damp insulation, damp values, ??and mold growth indicate a leak.
  4. Broken siding panels: Siding issues are always bad news, but a rift requires immediate attention. If left undetected and untested, they pave the way for water intrusion and are an open invitation to wildlife.
  5. Chipped windows: Storm damage repair experts look for paint damage. This is one of the most common consequences of constant exposure to moisture. While this is just a cosmetic issue, it can quickly become structural if water gets into the subfloor during bad weather.

SERVPRO can perform a thorough assessment of your home after a storm to uncover any issues. To schedule your inspection, contact SERVPRO’s Storm Restoration Experts in North Arlington. 

Reasons Why Successful Businesses Use Commercial Cleaning Services?

4/12/2022 (Permalink)

ServPro can handle big stuff SERVPRO can handle big stuff

Cleaning is not an easy task to do on the go, especially with everything going on around you. Now is the time to reconsider all your priorities and put your main focus on keeping your commercial place clean.

If you see successful businesses closely, you will see how much they care about the things that are not as much regarded by others.

They don't enter into a strenuous cycle of constantly ignoring their in-house janitors until all of your needs are met.

Make a good impression: If your environment in the office or in front of the house is dirty or disorganized, people will notice. It makes a bad first impression when a potential customer or distributor walks into a dirty office.

Business owners can rest assured that their offices are always spotlessly clean by hiring a commercial cleaning service to do the dirty work.

Work done properly: Professional cleaning services have the right tools and supplies to deal with any mess effectively. The trained staff know which cleaning product to use in each situation and have the most modern equipment to perform the task. Work is done quickly and efficiently, damage to valuable property is avoided and the workplace is sanitized and untouched.

Save time and money: All businesses have days when every moment counts, and cleaning tasks are inconvenient and time-consuming. Even small jobs can pile up over time, reducing valuable work capacity.

Commercial cleaning outsourcing focuses on employee productivity and experience on the job at hand, maximizing business productivity.

SERVPRO is proud to be the best commercial cleaning service provider in North Arlington. Contact us today to learn how our award-winning commercial cleaning service can meet your specific needs, no matter where you are.

3 Benefits of Investing in Professional Water Damage Repair Services for Your Home?

3/17/2022 (Permalink)

Checking Water Damage Checking Water Damage

If your home or business suffers water damage, you may be wondering if you should hire a professional water damage restoration company. What are the benefits of hiring a restoration firm and how much water damage should there be before calling the professionals? Regardless of whether the water damage is caused by a flood, a broken water line, or a sewage overflow, as long as there is a large area affected or the area is exposed to water damage for more than 24 hours, it is recommended that you have a professional water damage restoration company to perform cleaning and restoration. It could reduce total losses by preventing long-term problems like structural damage and mold, among other benefits.

Why should you hire a water damage restoration company? Keep reading

  • Quick Service- One call is all it takes, and a professional water damage restoration company will be on the way. The company will send qualified technicians to your home and bring their first-rate training and advanced restoration tools to get the job done without errors.
  • Professional-grade equipment- Any attempt to clean up severe water damage without the required professional-grade equipment will be largely ineffective. The fact is, to thoroughly clean water damage, you need access and use of professional-grade equipment. This way everything can be dried and cleaned as thoroughly as possible.
  • Get expert advice on insurance-Water damage restoration companies have enough knowledge to help you get a good sum from the insurance company. They can help you gather valid evidence that you can provide to the insurance company at the time of any dispute.

If you are looking to hire a water damage restoration company in North Arlington, contact SERVPRO today! We are happy to help.

Important Ways That A Commercial Cleaning Service Benefits All Business Owners?

2/1/2022 (Permalink)

ServPro can handle big stuff SERVPRO can handle the big stuff

Are you committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for your employees? Are you looking for ways to improve the efficiency and appearance of your company? If so, we'd like to offer some advice on how a commercial cleaning service can benefit your business.

  • Creating a Safe Workplace: When your office space is dusty and dirty, you are more likely to encourage the spread of flu and other illnesses among your employees. Keeping the office clean avoids this. Healthy and happy employees are more productive and do a better job. So, taking care of their health contributes to the bottom line of the company. Cleaning company staff are trained in the most effective ways to clean offices, eliminating potential health and safety issues.

  • Increase Your Productivity: A clean and tidy office actually contributes to profits. A messy office can lead to an unhealthy work environment. This will also affect productivity because employees will not be satisfied.

  • Give Your Business A Professional Image: A clean and tidy office and work environment also give your business a professional image. A negative first impression can cause you to lose customers and lose a lot of respect in the professional world. Make sure everyone who walks through your front door knows that you are a professional company from a clean atmosphere.

SERVPRO's cleaning staff is committed to providing quality and professional Commercial cleaning in North Arlington. We also use environmentally friendly cleaning products and practices in all of our services. Whether you are looking for monthly or weekly office cleaning, we are here to get the job done with unmatched skill and professionalism. 

What to Do After Storm Damage – 5 Steps?

1/13/2022 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Storm Damage

Knowing what to do after storm damage can make a lot of difference in what happens next. This can affect anything from your furniture to your floors to your insurance claim to your vehicle. It helps to avoid risks and take cover within the right time frame.

While it's hard to repair damage from a storm or hurricane, you can comfort yourself with the fact that many have had similar experiences. This makes it a little easier to find the direction you want. If you know what to expect and learn everything before the storm hits, you'll be better equipped to get things back on track as soon as possible.

Knowing what steps to take to repair storm damage to your home or business can help reduce some of the damage and know what comes next.

Steps to Repair Storm Damage

  1. Check your home for damage
  2. Investigate and assess the damage
  3. Contact your insurance company
  4. Avoid additional damage whenever possible
  5. Choose the right contractor to repair the storm house

Bad weather can be devastating to your family or business. Whatever your situation, if you need a quick and efficient storm damage repair, contact a  Storm damage restoration company in North Arlington that specializes in restoring your property to a pre-damaged condition.

It is important to hire a professional and reliable Storm damage restoration company to help you rebuild your home after storm damage. Restoration companies can take this responsibility out of your hands. SERVPRO does this and more, including quoting and estimating the time for required storm damage repairs. 

How to Protect Your Home from Water Damage?

12/19/2021 (Permalink)

Water Damage Problem in Area Water Damage Problem in Area

Water damage, irrespective of the reasons, is highly uncertain and often requires expensive repairs. According to one study, about 99% of homes with a basement are damaged by water at some point. In addition, the water damage cost & disposal is $13 billion per year.

The best way to avoid water damage and expensive repair services is to protect yourself, your home, and your business by hiring Water damage restoration Services. 

Regularly inspect and maintain your plumbing system

Regular inspections will show signs of water damage early on. Check your building for signs of water leaks, such as damp areas or discoloration of walls, floors, and ceilings. Molds and mosses grow in wet areas. So, if you see mold growing on your property, chances are there is a water source nearby too. Check the piping systems leading to dishwashers, refrigerators, water heaters, washing machines, & other appliances for signs of leaks.

Keep your building's exterior in good shape by repairing and protecting it

Water damage can be caused by internal or external sources. After you've thoroughly inspected your plumbing system and everything is in good condition, inspect the areas in your home or building that can get water, such as windows, doors, gutters, and more. Remove any dirt that has accumulated in the gutters to ensure that rainwater can drain smoothly.

If water enters your home, we recommend contacting Water damage restoration services in North Arlington to minimize damage. Water repair companies have professional tools and water extraction systems that can quickly remove water from your home or building and prevent the spread of damage.

Why Choose SERVPRO for Commercial Cleaning in North Arlington?

11/29/2021 (Permalink)

ServPro Banner SERVPRO Banner

The cleanliness of your company is very important. It is important to hire the right cleaning company that suits each customer's specific needs. SERVPRO creates a personalized plan for each customer. Why choose us over other cleaning companies?

Excellent Cleaning Service

We offer our customers a wide range of cleaning services. Whether you're looking for a carpet cleaner or commercial cleaning in North Arlington, we can help you with all that. Our professional cleaners are great at what they do, and they have all proven themselves to be trustworthy thanks to our excellent recruitment process. If you would like to learn more about our cleaning services, feel free to contact us at

Safe Cleaning Supplies

One of the most crucial things for many people is that the cleaning products they use do not cause problems for their families, pets, employees or customers. For this reason, we only use the best quality and most eco-friendly cleaning products available in the market these days. This will make sure that your home or business is as clean as possible while remaining safe for everyone.

Excellent Customer Service

At the core of SERVPRO, every member of our committed team of friendly professionals is selected based on their passion, determination and enthusiasm. They focus on doing their job with attention to detail, which highlights their experience and inner pride.

SERVPRO is one of the highest-rated and trusted commercial cleaning services in North Arlington. We offer you and your customers a safe and clean workplace by consistently offering best-in-class customer service and attentiveness.

Why SERVPRO in North Arlington?

11/12/2021 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO in North Arlington? - Green SERVPRO equipment. Why SERVPRO in North Arlington?

The cleanliness of your business is very important. It is imperative to hire the right cleaning company that suits each customer's specific needs. We pride ourselves on offering a very high level of service.

We also know that trust is paramount when using cleaners in your home or office, so all of our cleaners are strictly tested and verified. Why should you choose us over other cleaning companies?

Excellent Customer Service

We strive to provide a great customer experience from start to finish - from our helpful customer service representatives and prompt responses to our 24/7 availability, high-quality commercial cleaning services, and customer communication.

Reliable Staff

All of our cleaners are friendly, skilled, and thoroughly trained in hygiene, health, safety, security, etc. We invest heavily in our outstanding cleaning staff which is returned with loyalty, enthusiasm, and motivation to create excellent cleaning standards for you, your home, and your business.

Licensed, Bonded & Insured

Rest assured that your property is protected & safe because SERVPRO is fully licensed, bonded, and insured.

Safe Cleaning Equipment

One of the key things for many people is that the cleaning products they use do not cause problems for their families, pets, employees, or customers. For this reason, we only use the highest quality and most environmentally friendly cleaning products available in the market nowadays. This will ensure that your home or business is as clean as possible while remaining safe for everybody.

If you are looking for a trustworthy cleaning company in North Arlington, reach us at We look forward to serving you soon.

What You Can Expect from A Professional Fire Damage Restoration?

10/20/2021 (Permalink)

What You Can Expect from A Professional Fire Damage Restoration? What You Can Expect from A Professional Fire Damage Restoration?

Your home or business can be one of your significant investments, which is why one has to be extra cautious about these properties. To rebuild these things, you will need to hire a Fire Restoration Company in North Arlington to guide you through the recovery process.

Since this disaster could strike at any time, it is better to be safe than sorry. Therefore, as a certified restoration company, we suggest that you take a professional fire restoration service.

Fire damage restoration professionals perform a variety of tasks to assure that fire-stricken homes return to a safe, healthy, and normal or even better condition. Below are things you can expect from professionals during the cleaning and restoration process;

  • Use of a professional vacuum cleaner to completely remove the last particles of chemicals, soot, smoke, and ash.

  • Use deodorizers to properly contain smoke, chemical agents, and combustible substances such as plastic, wood, and foam.

  • Completely discard the water used to put out fires to prevent mold growth and further harm to your home's structures.

  • Identification and safe disposal of salvageable items.

  • Repair, replace, or restore your property's structures, such as drywall, ceilings, floors, windowpane, and studs.

All these points lay stress on the importance of having a fire damage expert by your side when a fire damages your home. Always consider the risks and challenges of cleaning your home after a fire.

Let a professional Fire Restoration Company in North Arlington like SERVPRO take care of everything from cleaning it to handling your insurance claims to rebuilding your home. Our team of experts is here to offer a better service. Contact us today to learn more about our Restoration services.